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These premises are primarily the spiritual ‘home’ of Quakers in Peterborough.  We are very fortunate to have such premises that we can share with other faith, cultural and community groups.


We encourage the use of our Meeting House in ways which serve and benefit our local community. At the centre of our religious experience is a belief in the fundamental equality of all members of the human race and a respect for all creation. This Quaker testimony to equality has many implications, both spiritual and practical.   One of these is the unshakeable conviction that all people are equal before God, irrespective of race, religion, class, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental capacity.  We expect our hirers will be in sympathy with this ethos and we will refuse or terminate bookings from any group or individual whose words or actions diminish the dignity of any person or group of people.  The final arbiter in making such a decision will be Peterborough Local Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).




Responsible Person: One member of each hiring group must be delegated as the Responsible Person, this will usually be the organiser. This responsibility will involve giving us confirmation that this Hire Policy has been understood and accepted. Anyone hiring as an individual will automatically become the Responsible Person.


The Responsible Person is asked to study this document carefully and to ensure that members of their group are aware of them as appropriate.  The document should be passed on to anyone deputising for the Responsible Person. 


Acceptance and confirmation of Hiring: When a booking has been accepted the Responsible Person will be sent an invoice with directions for payment of the hire fee. The booking will be reserved but not considered confirmed until the booking fee is paid; our Booking Clerk will contact the Responsible Person if a further enquiry is received between acceptance and confirmation of a booking. On payment of the hire fee, the booking will be confirmed. Once the booking is confirmed, the booking will be subject to our cancellation policy.


Cancellation:  We do realise that changes happen and will do our best to be flexible when they do. However we must insist that cancellations are made in writing by the Responsible Person to our Booking Clerk. Any cancellation received more than 7 days in advance of the hire date will be accepted with all fees refunded. Cancellations received after this point will not be refunded.


We reserve the right to cancel or terminate a booking if the Hirer is discovered to be in breach of these conditions. This includes the right to require the Hirer to vacate the premises at any point during a booking and the right to refuse to accept further bookings.


We may need to cancel bookings occasionally for our own purposes or for essential maintenance. We will endeavor to give adequate notice and offer an alternative where possible. All fees will be refunded.




Capacity: There is a limit on the number of people allowed in particular parts of the building. This information will be provided at the time of booking. The number of people expected should be specified at the time of booking.


Car Park: Hirers are welcome to use the car park if there is space. There are up to 10 spaces generally available during office hours Monday to Friday, and up to 20 spaces available at other times.


Commercial Use: The building may not be used for commercial trading purposes (e.g. retail sales).


Use of tobacco: Smoking is not permitted in the Meeting House. Smoking in the grounds of the Meeting House is permitted but we ask that cigarette ends are disposed of in the receptacles provided.


Alcohol and Non Prescription Drugs: Alcohol and non-prescription drugs must not be consumed on any part of the premises, including garden and car park.


Gambling: Gambling is not permitted on the premises. This includes Raffles and Lottery promotions.


Dogs and other animals.  Only guide dogs or assistance dogs can be brought into the Meeting House or garden.  No other dogs or pets are allowed.


Use of rooms: Hirers should limit their use to the rooms which they have booked and, if they rearrange anything for their event, they should restore the furniture to its original position at the end of the booking.  


When using the kitchen Hirers should work safely and with consideration for others, leaving it in a clean and tidy condition. No food must be left, including in the fridge. Any food left behind will be removed and disposed of.


The lobby, kitchen, toilet facilities and garden are communal areas.


Damage: No material, decoration or other articles must be fixed (including blu-tac, sellotape or similar) to any wall of the building. Any damage to windows, fabric of the building, furniture, curtains, carpets or equipment will be charged and payable on demand.


Rubbish: All rubbish should be placed in the appropriate waste or recycling bins provided. Larger items should be removed from the premises at the end of your session.


Keys: Should keys to the premises be issued to Hirers they remain the property of Peterborough Local Quaker Meeting. Under no circumstances must the Hirer duplicate any keys or allow them to be used by any person not approved by our Bookings Clerk.




As our Meeting House does not have staff on the premises, responsibility for the safety of everyone attending the event booked lies with the Hirer, as signed for by the Responsible Person. Clear instructions on exit points and evacuation safety procedures are posted in each room, but in the event of fire, or any other emergency, confirmation of hire includes responsibility to ensure that every member of the group is able to safely evacuate the premises. The building does not at present offer level access into the garden from the rear doors and although our stair lift provides access to the upper floor under everyday conditions, it must not be relied upon to evacuate anyone downstairs in the event of an emergency.


Any concerns over the challenges this may present to anyone with a physical mobility or other potential difficulty, must be raised with our Booking Clerk before the booking is accepted.


A First Aid Box is sited in the kitchen together with an Accident Book in which to record ALL accidents.


Children & Vulnerable Adults: Where relevant Hirers must have a Child (and Vulnerable Adult) Protection Policy and DBS checks where required by legislation and guidance and should be prepared to provide evidence to our Booking Clerk. 


Risk Assessments. Hirers must carry out risk assessments of their activities where required by Health & Safety or Fire Safety Regulations.


Electrical Appliances: All portable electrical appliances provided in the Meeting House have been PAT tested.  All electrical equipment brought on to our premises must be in full working order and in a safe condition. It must have been PAT tested and certified by a qualified electrician within the previous 12 months. The Certificate must be made available to our Booking Clerk on request.


Candles should only be used where permission has been given by our Booking Clerk. They must not be placed near curtains, must not be left unattended and they should have a stable holder that catches any dripping wax.  Candles and their means of ignition must not be stored on the premises.


Security: The entrance door must not be left open unless attended.  Please be aware that uninvited people may enter the building if the door is left open. Also there may be other groups in the building, perhaps with young children or vulnerable adults who might leave unnoticed. If the Hirer has been provided with their own key, or vacates the building before the Warden returns, the premises must be left secure with all lights, cookers and taps off, the internal fire doors closed and the outside doors locked.


CCTV .  Please note that we have CCTV cameras in operation outside the building for security purposes.  For further details contact our Bookings Clerk.




Insurance: Our premises are fully covered by insurance. However, the Meeting cannot accept responsibility for activities organised by hirers. The Hirer must indemnify Peterborough Local Quaker Meeting against all claims, demands, actions or proceedings in respect of goods or clothing, or of the deaths or injuries of any persons which occur during the period of hire, provided that this indemnity shall not apply to any claim, demand, action or proceedings which arises out of the negligence on the part of Peterborough Local Quaker Meeting, its officers or agents or from any defects of the premises. The Hirer shall also confirm in writing that they have Public Liability insurance or other suitable arrangements to cover against any claim made against them in respect of any activity for which they are responsible, or any equipment, etc. that they bring onto the premises. Visitors use the car park at their own risk; Peterborough Local Quaker Meeting does not accept responsibility for damage, injury or loss of possessions.


Licences. Your event and activities may be subject to legal constraints for which licences are necessary. Our meeting holds the following licences: PRS for Music Church licence; Church Video licence; PPL Church licence and a Copyright Licensing Agency Church License. The Hirer must not use the premises or any part thereof for a performance for which copyright subsists without the consent of the owner of that copyright, or in any manner infringe any subsisting copyright.


Public entertainment: If the booking is for a public entertainment (i.e. one which is advertised publicly, whether or not there is an admission charge) it is essential that you ask us for further information before finalising your booking - the Hirer may need to apply, well in advance, to Peterborough City Council for a Public Entertainment Licence.  A complete list of all songs sung, music performed and films projected during such a hire must be given to our Booking Clerk immediately after the end of the booking.

Where we meet

Peterborough Quaker Meeting House

21 Thorpe Road


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Meetings for Worship



Sunday 10.30–11.30 am


Wednesday 7–7.45 pm


Children & Young Peoples' Meeting is held on the second Sunday of every month.


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