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Remember that Christianity is not a notion but a way

Peterborough Quaker Calendar


December 2017


For further information or transport needs contact Dorothy Ball (01733-567996) or Peter Bygrave (01733 243590)


Few events involve financial cost.  If even a modest outlay is difficult contact an elder, overseer or the clerk.  We would hope to cover the expense from the Meeting’s funds.

Meeting for worship takes place every Sunday from 10:30am to 11:30am and every Wednesday from 7—7:45 pm.



Events are at the meeting house unless otherwise stated.




Sun 3rd 

12 noon

Business Meeting —any non-members are welcome if they tell our clerk that they wish to attend.




Fri 8th  

10am —1.30pm

Quiet Morning —a time for contemplation   Lunch is provided afterwards and donations invited towards its cost. This quiet morning occurs every month on the second Friday. 




Sun 10th

10.30 am

12 noon

Children’s Meeting

Shared Lunch and Christmas Party: all ages invited —details follow.




Mon 25th

10.30 —11.00am

Meeting for Worship




The Appeal is for the Bolivian Quaker Link.

Quiet Morning

The theme of ‘Gratitude —benefits of this as a daily spiritual practice, and tools and suggestions to encourage us’; introduced by Jo Weedon.


Our Christmas Party will begin with a shared lunch, followed by games and activities, with tea and cake at the end of the afternoon.  Please bring some food for the lunch and a game or activity for the afternoon if possible.

Tuesday January 16th   7—9pm:  meeting on New Economy series

We plan an initial meeting on some of the issues raised in the New Economy booklets published by Quaker Peace and Social Witness.  Britain Yearly Meeting minutes (2011 and 2015) make ‘a strong critique of our current economic system and commit Friends to working towards building . . . an economic system in which Quaker testimony can flourish’. 

The six booklets are designed for us all, including those of us who are unfamiliar with economic theory.  They are intended for group reading, to stimulate both discussion and reflection, so that Friends may discern corporately ‘what a better economic system might look like and how we might get there’.  They look to the creation of a system which enhances the well-being of people and planet. 

Over fifty reading groups have been set up around the country.  We shall be liaising with a group in St Neot’s, with the intention of making our own Area contribution to Quaker discernment.

It will help if before we meet you have read the first booklet and you tell Catharine you hope to attend.  Please ask her for copies or download them at (Ctrl+click on this link if you are reading this online).


Look on the new shelves for the following helpful books, kindly donated by Mick Langford:


Contemplation and Spirituality

Light to Live by (Rex Ambler)

Daily Readings from Quaker Spirituality (ed. Edward Cell)

Listening to the Light (Jim Pym)

Twelve Prisoners and Quakers (a collection of short pieces by residents at HMP Frankland)

Into the Silent Land (Martin Laird)


Historical Perspectives on Quakerism

Quakers (Peter Furtado)

What have the Quakers ever done for us? (John Gwatkin)

Quakers, Newgate and the Old Bailey (Simon Webb)

A Friendly Way of Being Christian (Michael Langford, our own Friend’s namesake)


Quaker Faith and Practice

Living our Beliefs, subtitled An exploration of the faith and practice of Quakers, was developed and edited by Young Quakers but will inspire us at any stage in our lives.


Swarthmore Lecture 2017

Faith in Politics?  a testimony to equality (Catherine West MP, co-writer Andy Hull).  Catherine, a Quaker, established the country’s first Fairness Commission, co-        chaired by Andy.  Read this for a better understanding of inequality in our society         and a vision for a fairer future.  Find it in audio form on the Woodbrooke website but         with such a densely woven text the printed version helps.


Please let librarians know if you have any suggestions for new purchases, particularly for novels and poetry written by Quakers and/or spiritually helpful in nature.


Advices and Queries for December

15        Do you take part as often as you can in meetings for church affairs?  Are you familiar enough with our church government to contribute to its disciplined processes?  Do you consider difficult questions with an informed mind as well as a generous and loving spirit?  Are you prepared to let your insights and personal wishes take their place alongside those of others or be set aside as the meeting seeks the right way forward?  If you cannot attend, uphold the meeting prayerfully. 


16        Do you welcome the diversity of culture, language and expressions of faith in our yearly meeting and in the world community of Friends?  Seek to increase your understanding and to gain from this rich heritage and wide range of spiritual insights.  Uphold your own and other yearly meetings in your prayers.



Peterborough Quaker Meeting House

21 Thorpe Road


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for further details.



Sunday 10.30–11.30 am


Wednesday 7–7.45 pm


Children’s meeting is held

on the second Sunday of

every month





For details of study groups, meditation, social events and other activities see 'Calendar' tab

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