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New Library Books in NOVEMBER

New Library Books for the lengthening evenings


William Penn —A Life by the professor of political science at Rutgers, Andrew R Murphy, is the first Penn biography for some forty years.  Having had access to Penn’s private papers, the author has been able to provide us with a much more detailed biography than has existed to date.


Our Child of the Stars by Stephen Cox is not a Quaker book as such but a real page turner in which you will see its author’s quakerly influence.


McMindfulness —how mindfulness became the new capitalist spirituality by Ronald E Purser.  Purser tells how the teaching of mindfulness, freed from the Buddhist attachment to an ethical life, has been seized upon by capitalism red in tooth and claw to persuade people to internalise problems rather than seek to change their causes, many of which result from the pressures of capitalism on society.  But mindfulness does have its uses.


The Bullet in the Paw Paw —Theatre and AIDS in South Africa by Kim Hope.  Kim is a Quaker who was horrified experiencing apartheid in South Africa.  This is her autobiographical account of how she returned to South Africa and created the Themba HIV&AIDS Organisation in Johannesburg.  It recruited and trained young people from the townships to deliver a unique programme of interactive theatre workshops to try to stop the spread of HIV & AIDS.*


Race and Privilege in Europe, by Andrew Lane of The Quaker Council for European Affairs in Geneva, will be a useful read for anyone thinking of going to Yearly Meeting Gathering next year at Bath University.


bought at the Quakers United in Publishing conference the day before Yearly Meeting.

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