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Notices for JUNE 2019

Coffee & Company: please support these weekly coffee mornings as and when you can. Intended for our wider community, they are open to friends, family and anyone in the neighbourhood. Will you spread the word?


Our QuietMorning will be led by DaninaThen lunch will be provided and donations invited towards its cost. This event occurs every month on the second Friday.


Open Gardenplease advertise this wherever you can. Cakes and scones will be needed. Let Daphne know, please, if you can bring some.


Sustainable Architecture: Talk at Friends House, Jesus Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8BA. 

Arising out of last Area Meeting, this will help us understand the challenges, pitfalls and possible solutions to improving thermal well-being in our homes and meeting houses without contributing to climate change. The speaker, award-winning architect Susan Roaf, advocates truly sustainable buildings, run largely with passive energy. Happily, Dorothy is offering carbon-neutral seats in her electric, solar-charged car! Please ask.


The Surviving to Thriving art therapy group meets regularly on our premises (supported by the Red Cross): Do please drop in to their exhibition if you can and tell your friends. Your help serving teas and coffees will also be much appreciated.


This Mass Lobby Event is organised by the Climate Coalition, of which the Society of Friends is a member. It will be preceded by a Walk of Witness at 11.30 from Trafalgar Square and along Whitehall, as a witness to the care of all our faiths for creation. The lobby will then take place from 1 pm in the streets around Parliament, where MPs will be invited to meet their constituents. Please visit to learn more and sign up. The event is billed as The Time is Now. If you do sign up, please speak to Catharine, who plans to attend. She will inform Philip Wood, our Quaker organiser. We look forward to a large Quaker presence.



Peterborough Quaker Meeting House

21 Thorpe Road


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for further details.



Sunday 10.30–11.30 am


Wednesday 7–7.45 pm


Children’s meeting is held on the second Sunday of every month.





For details of study groups, meditation, social events and other activities see 'Calendar' and 'Events in 2019'

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