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Notices for December 2018

Our December Appeal is for Visayans, the Philppines charity with which David Worth volunteers as a teacher each year.  Its community projects help the poor and underprivileged, aiming to make a long-term difference.  Read about his work at:


Quiet Morning 

This will be led by Steven Wales on the theme of The Turning Year.  We hope to look at how we see and react to different times of the year, comparing that to other periods in history.  Lunch will be provided after this and donations invited towards its cost.  This quiet morning occurs every month on the second Friday. 


Shared Lunch/Christmas Party

Lunch (bring-and-share) will be followed by games and entertainment.  This is an all-age party.  Please let Daphne know of any ideas/offers you have for the afternoon’s jollities.


Coffee Mornings 

We shall be launching our coffee morning initiative on 16th January.  It will run from 10 —11.30 am every Wednesday.  We shall need at least two or, preferably, three people to run the event each week.  To be sure that this project is viable we are asking people who would like to be part of it to say what morning or mornings they could do during the period from16th January to the end of March.  A rota will be put up in the Meeting House for you to sign. 


The Sustainability theme for December is Food.  As we approach a time of conspicuous consumption and waste, we are aware how far food production damages the world’s ecosystems.  Since the beginning of the 16th century most extinctions have been caused by agriculture and exploitation.  As land use intensifies and habitats are destroyed, we now lose 150-200 species daily.  We can partly blame beef (75% of Amazonian clearance) and palm oil for loss of rain forest habitats and increased CO2 levels.  Everywhere, though, tractors, fertilisers, transport and packaging contribute CO2. Even more damaging to the climate, methane (25 times more climate damaging) comes from cows and rice fields. 

Waste at Xmas in Britain is equivalent to: 250,000 turkeys, 7m mince-pies, 17m sprouts, 10m carrots, 11m potatoes, 100,000 Xmas puddings.

In the 1940s one calorie of effort grew 2·3 calories of food.  Now one calorie of effort grows 1/3 calorie. If you include transport & processing, one calorie now only produces 1/10 calorie of food.


Eating with less Impact    

  • Use more locally grown, in-season food; grow your own!
  • Choose chicken over ‘red’ meat (especially beef) for a much lower carbon footprint; better still, beans and lentils.  More fruit, veg, nuts and wholefoods are healthier too!
  • Cook fewer processed foods and ready meals.
  • Use potatoes —less carbon emission than rice or pasta.
  • Avoid over-packaged food; if contents keep or freeze, a larger pack may help.
  • Keep left-overs in reusable tubs, or bowls, not one-use plastic.
  • Watch what is in your fridge or freezer: be imaginative with those left-overs.
  • Apply common sense to ‘use-by’ dates – tinned tomatoes will be fine; funny coloured meat may not!
  • Compost peelings —at home or in your council grey caddy.  
  • Don’t buy bottled water.  
  • Cook in microwave or on hob (preferably induction) to save energy; use oven space fully.



New Library Books 

Reading the Bible again for the First Time and Speaking Christian, both by Marcus Borg, and given by Mick Langford, were used last year for our Progressive Christianity course.  These are thought-provoking, scholarly explorations of the Bible and of Christian teaching.  Each of three purchases this month is chosen for its inspirational qualities. The beautifully illustrated Sacred in the City, by Margaret Silf and suggested by Edie Garvie, encourages us to see sanctity in everyday experiences.  Then we have two books with a vocational slant: one is by Parker J. Palmer, Let Your life Speak; the other, I Am Malala, comes from a young woman with a mission to change the world, offering fascinating insights into her remarkable background.  



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