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Notices for July 2018

Continuing last month’s sustainability theme of PLASTICS, we offer you as reminders the seven actions suggested by the August edition of Which? magazine:

  1. Avoid black plastic, which UK recycling facilities as yet tend to reject.
  2. Push straws inside bottles and screw lids back on, as sorting machines ignore tiny items.
  3. Squash plastic bottles to save space and prevent rolling off conveyor belts.
  4. Recycle plastic film and bags through council collections or at large supermarkets when outside Peterborough.
  5. Store food in reusable containers and wax wraps rather than cling film.
  6. Rinse food residue from all items before recycling to avoid spoiling porous materials in the load. 
  7. Shop for loose fruit and vegetables, taking reusable bags, and use your own containers for fish and meat.  Morrison’s now gives points if you do this. 

August 1st is Earth Overshoot Day, moved forward by two days, the point at which this year’s consumption already exceeds the capacity of nature to regenerate, according to Global Footprint Network, an international research organisation that makes an annual assessment of how far humankind is falling into ecological debt.


Green Festival

If you can offer an hour or two, please sign the list after MfW or speak to Catharine or any member of our Climate and Social Justice group (formerly New Economy).


Progressive Christianity

'Saving Jesus' —Quakers assert that we are rooted in Christianity but open to new Light.  But what is our perception of Christianity today?  Progressive Christianity claims to be an open, intelligent, and collaborative approach to Christian tradition and the life and teachings of Jesus, creating a pathway into an authentic and relevant religious experience.  Could this be an opportunity to re-examine our Christian roots?


Quiet Morning 

Michael Langford will lead the morning, after which lunch will be provided and donations invited towards its cost.  This quiet morning occurs every month on the second Friday.



Beryl Dennis and Dorothy Ball welcome anyone who can join them for the weekend as some families are unable to take part this year.  Beryl or Dorothy will tell you more.


Donations to our Library


We introduce two recent collections of short stories by award-winning authors responding to our climate crisis.  I’m with the Bears, short stories from a damaged planet is introduced by Bill McGibben, who spoke at a QPSW conference in 2015 on our need for writers to conjure up a sense of how life might be in a world past fossil fuels.  This is fiction which brings the incomprehensible within our grasp, shaping an emotional response that can carry us beyond paralysing fear to the hope that leads us to act.

Similarly, in Beacons, stories for our not so distant future, each entry depicts a world made strangely unfamiliar by climate change —stories to thrill and warn and inspire us. 


Still on the sustainability theme, we have a work of non-fiction Green is not a Colour, environmental issues every generation ought to know by Devan Valentini and Simon Atlas.  Illustrated by full-page photographs, this tackles major questions of our day in an eminently informative and readable way.


Finally, we recommend Becoming Friends, living and learning with Quakers, a helpful Woodbrooke resource for more recent arrivals amongst us who wish to learn more of Quakerism or indeed for any of us looking for ways of deepening our spirituality and embodying it in our witness. 



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