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Notices for October 2018

The sustainability theme for October is Lighting.

As the days rapidly shorten, we create a blaze of electric lights, an amazing invention but with a significant carbon footprint.  To minimize this we need to light our buildings efficiently, and only when and where needed:

1.   Replace any filament bulbs you still have with new generation LEDs, which come in many shapes and sizes (using <10% of the electricity), can be dimmed and don’t suffer from the warming-up and colour balance problems of some old, ‘energy efficient’ compact fluorescent lamps.

2.   Install movement and light-level detectors, which allow you to light your hall/ corridor/ porch/ drive-area only when needed.

3.   Combine outside lights with small solar panels to save mains electricity.

4.   Turn off lights if a room is empty for more than 2-3 minutes.

5.   Turn off standby appliances (with red or green LEDs) at the plug.  They only use a few watts, but these can mount up. TV standby is especially wasteful at about 12 watts per hour.  Even a simple clock display (e.g. on your microwave) uses about 10 watts —1.75 units of electricity over a whole week!


Quiet Morning 

This will be led by Linda Elliott on the theme ‘Compost’, after which lunch will be provided and donations invited towards its cost.  Quiet Mornings occurs every month on the second Friday. 


Stall for Quaker Week

Here is an opportunity for outreach.  We plan to provide some of our literature and to answer any questions about Quakers and our testimonies.  Do call in if you visit the city centre.  So much the better if you are able to give an hour or two of your time to help.  Please speak ahead to Alison or Catharine.


Area Meeting social event: A Lapful of Windfalls

Mark Steinhardt will bring his presentation of the life of Helen Waddell, a remarkable but largely forgotten early twentieth century woman.  This performance has been hugely appreciated at other Area Meetings.  Come and enjoy yourselves, one and all; meet old friends and new.   Shared lunch starts at about twelve, storytelling about two and tea and cake around four.  


Heating Q&A 

Our heating system is beginning to show its age and we need to consider replacing it.  David Worth and Dorothy Ball have been investigating options on behalf of the Meeting House Management Committee and have come up with a range of alternative solutions.  We hope you have seen the exhibition in the lobby —David and Dorothy will be here for a Q&A after Meeting for Worship, so please bring your tea/coffee and your queries/concerns and find out more.  (If you can’t be there on 28th, please get in touch directly with David or Dorothy, who will be happy to answer your queries.)



With powerful spiritual and environmental import, Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan and donated by Edie Garvie is the fictional account of an American woman on a walkabout with a remote Aboriginal tribe, who teach her the ancient wisdoms enabling them to thrive in simple harmony with nature.  She undergoes a profound personal transformation.   Even more relevant today than on its first publication in 1991, this is a thought-provoking story which I heartily recommend.  Equally on spiritual renewal, we have Edie’s suggestion, The Monastery of the Heart by Joan Chittister.  With lyrical prose, helpful to quiet reflection, she builds on the Rule of Benedict, exploring how, even today, we can live our lives ‘from the inside out’.  Striking is Chittister’s description of silence as ‘the cool, calm centre of the spiritual self’, as well as that of community, as ‘of the essence of the soul’.  We also recommend the novel Beautiful Broken Earth by Sara Barnard.  Finally, Heaven on Earth: Quakers and the Second Coming (Dandelion, Gwyn and Peat) examines how this vision of a transformed society has underpinned three centuries of change and division.  Looking again at the letters of Paul, the experience of early Friends and the history of Quakerism through the lens of the Second Coming, it draws radical new connections to clarify our tradition and even help revitalise the Quaker faith.


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