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Sustainabilty, SEPTEMBER Theme

Our Sustainability Theme for September is Heating: how we can reduce energy use and its component carbon emissions. The record UK temperatures this summer and the greater frequency of extreme weather events worldwide highlight our urgent need to address climate change. As we look to autumn and the need for home heating, any little economy measures we can take will be worthwhile.

Here are a few reminders:

Space heating
  • Use individual thermostats to keep some rooms cooler
  • Increase loft and wall insulation
  • Draft-proof doors
  • Adjust heating and keep windows shut
  • Turn off heat at night and before going out

Water heating
  • Shower rather than bath
  • Lag hot water tank to 75mm minimum
  • Reduce tank thermostat
  • Heat water only as needed; limit immersion use
  • Fill kettle just enough or use microwave for small amounts




We seem to be at a turning point in human history. We can choose life or watch the planet become uninhabitable for our species. Somehow, I believe that we will pass through this dark night of our planetary soul to a new period of harmony with the God that is to be found within each of us, and that S/he will inspire renewed confidence in people everywhere, empowering us all to co-operate to use our skills, our wisdom, our creativity, our love, our faith – even our doubts and fears – to make peace with the planet. Strengthened by this fragile faith, empowered by the Spirit within, I dare to hope.


Pat Saunders, 1987, 29.03 of Quaker Faith and Practice



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