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Sustainabilty - NOVEMBER - Packaging

Made of energy-intensive materials, packaging is one of the main outlets for single-use plastics.  Britain still recycles little of its plastic waste, and UK packaging is over 50% plastic, despite the existence of sustainable biodegradable alternatives, such as corn-starch or sorghum polymer.  Although generally recyclable, card and paper are also environmentally costly.  Every Christmas the UK sends to landfill most of the 83 km² of wrapping paper we use.  


Ideas worth a try:

1. Buy recyclable gift wrap, reuse last year’s imaginatively or make gift bags from scraps of cloth.

2. Save bubble-wrap and packing materials to offer on Freecycle.

3. Buy items with less packaging, recycle remainder, or return to provider.

4. Leave secondary or tertiary packaging in the shop. Campaign for less.

5. Take cloth or carrier bags for loose fruit and vegetables, and your own container for fresh meat, fish or take-aways.

6. Use tubs, bowls and saucers, or beeswax reusable wraps, as practical alternatives to plastic.

7. For far greater carbon reduction, radically reduce meat and dairy consumption.


reduce   reuse recycle   return


The Woodland Trust aims to plant a million native, home-grown trees by the end of November.  Follow the link below for suggestions as to how we can contribute to their Big Climate Fightback.

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