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This month we review the Sustainability themes introduced since April last year: 


water, transport, plastics, food, the sharing economy, heating, lighting, packaging, 

sharing equipment/passing on excess, and biodiversity..  



Why is the review important?

  • We need huge and urgent changes in our lives to tackle our climate emergency —individually; nationally; globally.
  • We need mutual support and encouragement to keep working towards our Quaker commitment to a low-carbon, sustainable community  —setting an example for other individuals and organisations.
  • We need to know and work where our energies can have most impact.


Did you know?

  • 60% of all the weight of mammals on our planet is now domestic livestock, such as cows and sheep, and 36% is human beings, which leaves only 4% for all those iconic wild animals from whales to chimpanzees.
  • If everyone on the planet lived as we do, we’d need 3.2 planets to make us sustainable!
  • Greta Thunberg’s call for school strikes drew well over a million pupils from over one hundred countries to call for real action to combat climate change.


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