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Sustainability Theme of the Month of June: TRANSPORT


What progress have you made since this theme’s mention in June 2018?


Recalling that one litre of diesel or petrol creates 2.3 to 2.8kgs of CO2 and fewer car and aeroplane journeys pollute less, look again at the suggestions below:


  1. Plan purchases and engagements to cut out needless journeys. 

  2. Cycle or walk or use public transport; see your fitness improve.

  3. Lobby for better public transport, linking buses to trains; and for cycle routes.

  4. Try an electric bike to reduce car use.

  1. Buy a car with good mpg, keep it well serviced, drive economically and save.

  2. Use the government scrappage scheme to go electric. 

  1. Share cars and offer lifts when you can to reduce congestion.

  2. Have conversations about car and aeroplane use.


We need huge and urgent changes in our lifestyles to tackle our climate emergency — individually, nationally and globally. Encouraging and supporting one another, we keep working towards our zero-carbon, sustainable community; leading by example; talking; lobbying. 


What conversations have you had lately about car and aeroplane use? 

What changes will you make this month?



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