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Kinder ground: Creating space for truth, Thomas Penny’s 2021 Swarthmoor Lecture, explores the need  for creating space to listen and understand – a cool sanctuary away from the easy answers of propaganda and the heat and hostility of so much political discussion today. Confronted with a blizzard of evidence and opinions, often delivered by methods of communication designed to entrench polarisation, how should we respond? We Quakers are urged to recommit to the discipline and vigilance needed to be champions of truth, open to fresh insights and ready to be mistaken. We must shed our prejudice and create kinder ground to help nurture the understanding needed for honest discourse and constructive change.


Hearing the Light is another in the Quaker Quicks series. Rhiannon Grant shows how Central Quaker theological claims, such as that everyone has that of God within them, that God offers support and guidance to all who choose to listen, and that Quakers as a community are led by God to treat everyone equally, resist war, and live simply, can be understood through a consideration of their distinctive worship practice. While united by the practice of unprogrammed worship, Quakers have no written creed and no specific beliefs are required of members. Instead, there is a prevailing attitude of continued searching, an acceptance that new evidence may appear, and a willingness to learn from others, including members of other faith communities. She suggests that at this time of great religious and political division, this radical approach to faith and learning is especially relevant.


Dara McAnulty’s Diary of a Young Naturalist won the 2020 Wainwright Prize. With a magically rich, poetic style, Dara writes both of his passion for nature and of his warm, exuberant and gifted family. He vividly explores the natural world from the perspective of an autistic and greatly gifted teenager - juggling homework, exams and friendships alongside his life as a conservationist and environmental activist. This book (already out on loan) is utterly engrossing and we hope other Friends, young and old, will love it too.


Dining with diplomats, praying with gunmen by Anne Bennett sheds light on a fascinating yet little-known area of Quaker work: international conciliation. It examines the quiet, patient but determined processes that underpin their work, and its place in a changing world.


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