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We can provide a speaker for your Group.

Your only experience of meeting a Quaker might be as a guest to a wedding or attending a Quaker funeral and you may have thought "What a strange lot these Quakers are."


There is a misleading image on a certain variety of breakfast cereal and probably the only Quaker person you could name would be Elizabeth Fry as she featured on a Bank of England £5 note recently.


You may also have heard that we don't sing in our services but sit in silence. How odd, you might say.


We will be happy to speak to your group. We will answer your questions and tell you why we behave as we do.


We will not try to 'convert you', we will try not to bore you and we will certainly enjoy meeting you.


If you would like to meet us, please contact our Clerk on

Where we meet


Peterborough Quaker Meeting House

21 Thorpe Road


Wisbech Friends Meeting House

21 North Brink

WISBECH                  PE13 1JR

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Meetings for Worship



Sunday 10.30 -11.30 am

Wednesday 7 - 7.45 pm (Zoom only)


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Children & Young Peoples' Meeting is available on the second Sunday of every month.



Sunday 10 am - 11am


Children's Meetings held on request. Please contact us to arrange.

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