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Advices and queries are intended for use in Quaker meetings, for private devotion and reflection, as a challenge and inspiration to us as Friends in our personal lives and in our life as a religious community, and as a concise expression of our faith and practice for enquirers and the wider world.’     



Advices and Queries for October



35   Do you uphold those who are acting under concern, even if their way is not yours?  Can you lay aside your own wishes and prejudices while seeking with others to find God’s will for them?

36   Are you honest and truthful in all you say and do?  Do you maintain strict integrity in business transactions and in your dealings with individuals and organisations?  Do you use money and information entrusted to you with discretion and responsibility?  Taking oaths implies a double standard of truth; in choosing to affirm instead, be aware of the claim to integrity that you are making.

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