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Sustainability - CLIMATE CHANGE


One way we can all act is in reducing waste.  Can you make a noticeable reduction in your black-bin waste?

The next time your black-bins are emptied make a note of how full it is. And the next 2 times see how much less full it can be.

Ideas & Tips:

  1. Check out what you can recycle in your green bin


  1. If you are about to throw something in the black bin stop & ask yourself:
  2. Can it be reused by me or someone else (friend, charity shop, freecycle…)?
  3. Can it be mended and then reused?
  4. Could it be recycled – green-bin or at the tip?
  5. Could it be composted – food caddy, brown bin or home compost?
  6. What to do with packaging :
  7. Bubble wrap & scrunched paper etc- store in a binbag & then offer on freecycle – lots of people want it
  8. Soft plastics & pouches & crisp packets etc (not taken by Council) – collect and take to Coop in Hampton, [or shortly both Sainsburys & Hampton Tesco]
  9. Try not to buy things with too much packaging or things that you don’t really need
  10. Buy second hand if possible
  11. Carry rolled up empty bags in your handbag, coat-pocket, car etc


I would love to hear of any successes with this – and am very willing to help with queries about what you can do with particular items.


Dorothy Ball     

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