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To Wander in a Garden is a delight that speaks of peace, healing, beauty and sustainability.

Peterborough Quaker Quiet Garden is situated behind the Meeting House. The sounds of the city are all around, yet muted, and the strident city architecture hidden or softened so that the phrase "an oasis of beauty and calm" is frequently heard from visitors.  You are welcome to enter and enjoy the garden during daylight hours but please respect those using the Meeting House.


We are pleased to be affiliated to: The Quiet Garden Movement, Small Pilgrim Places Network and to have registered our garden with the Langdyke Countryside Trust, Eighth Reserve - The Langdyke Community Nature Reserve.


The latter is made up from a whole range of established and newly created wildlife gardening plots - which could include yours! The aim is to bring people together across the local community to promote wildlife freindly gardening, to give nature a chance to recover and to make it easy for everyone to hget involved.


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Peterborough Meeting House Garden


The random beauty of the apple tree pierced my heart,

The old twisting branches recalling times long gone,

When it was part of an orchard.


Now it stands proudly, the last of the old order,

And new, younger ones sport their first apples

And admire the strength of the older tree.


The paulownia stands strong and tall,

Sheltering the ashes of Marjorie and Stanley

As it remembers the glory of its spring flowers.


In the wild corner, where the children build their den,

The spirits of the past young ones still play,

The echoes of their happy laughter bringing cheer.


The labyrinth is walked with even pace.

Here troubles, dilemmas and problems are pondered,

Minds calmed, discernment reached,

And strength to continue the journey found.


The patterns of the garden testify to

Truth, Simplicity, Equality and Peace.

May these things take root in the garden of our hearts;

Then shall we become living testimonies

To the workings of the Spirit.


Daphne Lynas

Where we meet


Peterborough Quaker Meeting House

21 Thorpe Road


Wisbech Friends Meeting House

21 North Brink

WISBECH                  PE13 1JR

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Meetings for Worship



Sunday 10.30 -11.30 am

Wednesday 7 - 7.45 pm (Zoom only)


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Children & Young Peoples' Meeting is available on the second Sunday of every month.



Sunday 10 am - 11am


Children's Meetings held on request. Please contact us to arrange.

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