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Joining our Quaker Meetings On-line     by Zoom

Sunday Meeting for Worship at Peterborough.


10.30am to approx.11.30am


This Meeting can be attended in our Meeting House or by Zoom. (It is blended.)


Quaker Meetings for Worship in person start when the first person enters the Meeting Room. When a meeting on our premises is blended we follow the same protocol, that is, when you log in you are in effect entering the Meeting Room and thus do so without speaking. You will find your microphone will be automatically set to MUTE and the Meeting Room also MUTED. Normally Zoom is available from about 10.15.


At the advertised start time of 10.30am the Meeting Room will be UNMUTED. Those on Zoom remain MUTED. If you feel called to speak during the Meeting or afterwards you will need to UNMUTE.


The meeting will end with the joining of hands in the Meeting Room followed by a welcome and any notices. If you wish to introduce yourself, please feel free to do so.

Meeting ID: 859 4027 8625
 Passcode: 700388



Wednesday Meeting for Worship.


On Zoom only - 7pm to approx. 7.45pm


At this meeting informal chat may take place before the advertised start time (7pm). At that time your microphone will be MUTED. if you wish to join in the chat, you will need to UNMUTE. The same applies if you wish to speak during the Worship. The meeting will end with a simple ‘Thank You, friends’ from the meeting host.


Meeting ID: 839 8060 0126      Passcode: 521835




Sunday Meeting for Worship at Wisbech.


In person only at present - 10.00am to approx.11am.


If you are unable to attend the Wisbech meeting in person, you are welcome to join one of our Peterborough Meetings by Zoom




If you require further information or have a difficulty in joining online, please email us at:

Where we meet


Peterborough Quaker Meeting House

21 Thorpe Road


Wisbech Friends Meeting House

21 North Brink

WISBECH                  PE13 1JR

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Meetings for Worship



Sunday 10.30 -11.30 am

Wednesday 7 - 7.45 pm (Zoom only)


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Children & Young Peoples' Meeting is available on the second Sunday of every month.



Sunday 10 am - 11am


Children's Meetings held on request. Please contact us to arrange.

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